I think T-Mobile should offer a business hotspot plan for security cameras.

  • 16 May 2022
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I own several properties and I recently purchased a hotspot to give me remote security camera viewing at one of my properties to test out if this will work for all of my properties. This seemed like a good option because it was less expensive than getting the cheapest internet plan through my cable/phone company at each one of my properties (hint: its not cheap at all). Additionally, I like the portability. If I’m doing a fix and flip or only need internet for a limited time, it makes it easy to grab the hotspot and go to the next project/jobsite. I don’t need to call my cable company to disconnect and reconnect internet at the other property and in remote locations (or for new construction), sometimes service is not even run to the building yet. Anyhow, I’ve realized that I don’t need 5G speeds just for a few cameras streaming. Monitoring full time (which is likely unnecessary, but may be needed for some people) would use quite a bit of data but doesn’t need 5G speeds. I wonder if T-mobile could offer a business hotspot plan with higher data and reduced speeds. A plan faster than 2G, perhaps 3G or 4G (at maybe 5mb/s) specifically for the purpose of remote security camera monitoring through hotspots. There really seems to be a big demand for this in business but nobody is there to fill this demand. Many thefts occur on job sites and mobile hotspots w/cameras seem like a natural solution to this problem. Additionally T-mobile, as well a other cell providers, offer unlimited tablet plans for business, so why not offer the same thing for hotspots? 

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  • tacomaguy20,

  • Excellent idea you had, pretty much it responds my question somehow.

  • When you said: “it easy to grab the hotspot and go to the next project/jobsite” did you mean you have a separate box you called hotspot and you leave it at that site to feed the camera connection? What is your carrier for that, please. Thanks. Sam