Magenta Max v Go5G Plus

  • 8 August 2023
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When you read the comparison of the Magenta Max and Go5G Plus plans, they appear to be the same except for the JUMP! vs New in Two. I did see a disclaimer that the autopay would discount will be changing. Anyone want to shed some light on that? Also, when I logged into my account, it said I have to call to get the price for Go5G. Why? I don’t want to talk to customer service or be oversold on some nonsense I don’t want or need. Give me the price, let me do the research and make a self-informed decision.

3 replies

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Autopay needs to be done with a debit card for the discount. No more discount with credit card.

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If you have had your Magenta plan with 3 or more lines since before March of 2023.  Your third line is free.  If you switch to Go5G, you will lose the free line.

I believe my Magenta Max plan rate has a locked in price. Will switching to Go5G enable T-Mobile to apply rate increases? Seems like a lot of marketing for virtually the same service. Offering “free” Hulu with Ads, then removing the free third line. The fine print is so fine. I assume I give up my locked in rate? Not sure what else…