Scammed out of switching credits

  • 11 November 2022
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Checking to see if other small business in the community are being scammed out of their credits for switching services to T-Mobile.

We never received our promised $4,000 in credits (yes, it is four thousand, no extra zeros, no exaggeration).

Even after over 6 months - ever few weeks / billing cycle - it is surprise and shock when we have to inform T-mobile the credits did not post despite assurance someone will be watching the account closely to make sure it happens. 

We get hold of sales & transition team - surprise and shock…. then bumping starts - it was never one to two billing cycles it was 90 days, it was not 90 days it was sometime between 90 days to 6 months, then it is after 90 days but over course of 10 billing cycles…. we reached all the milestones NOTHING ! Now they have started splitting hairs…. when we ported-in our lines we did not keep all the old numbers, we got additional lines as part of a 10 line promotion, but the promotion for 10 new lines did not cover new activation …. WTF - you sold it to me, you were part of ever step of the service transition, you never made any distinction, it was come one come all, bring your old line, bring your old phone, get a new line, get a new phone - just sign-up for service with T-Mobile, what's with all this pretense after the transition ? For last 6 months when we kept getting confirmation credits will post - no one knew these fine differentiation. 

Customer care (Business Expert) are equally frustrating, they will keep you on the phone for 30 to 40 minutes and then claim it needs further research and they will call back in in 1 to 2 business days. Nothing comes out of it… no call back. Call again, new rep… narrate everything again (as if all the notes other rep typed have disappeared from the record)… another 30 to 40 minutes…. in the end same outcome. 

Request escalation no response.

Request contact information for someone in management - no response.

Checking to see if we are an exception or this is common. And, if anyone had any contact for someone in T-Mobile Business - management team. 

2 replies

I’m not on a business plan but I also have not received the $400 credit I was supposed to get for switching from Verizon. I was paying $112 with Verizon and the signal had deteriorated in the past few years, I was told that T-Mobile had the strongest signal in town so I wanted to switch but now I’m paying about $70 more because the salesperson who signed me up can’t do math.  Sorry I switched now because the signal really isn’t worth the extra money. 

I’ve been calling for 2 months because of this. I was supposed to get a full account credit from device trade in. I got credits for 5 of the 6 devices and no one can answer what happened to the 6th. I’m now just trying to use the remaining credit on the to pay off the device portion I haven’t paid. This has taken a week with no resolution.

Same experience. I have notes of each call and what they said they’d be doing. No one calls back. No one follows up and nothing gets done.

I’m going to park my car in front of their stores with a sign that says talk to me about my Tmobile experience.