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  • 6 December 2023
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I changed the payment method on my account from cc to checking account as soon as I received a text message telling me to do this in order to preserve the $10 autopay discount. (Annoying, because I won’t get cc rewards, but I did it.) I kept getting reminder texts, but when I checked my account online I could see the only payment method listed was my checking account, so I ignored them. Then today I get a text saying I will no longer receive the $10 discount for autopay because I haven’t changed my payment method from cc to checking. Account page shows only one saved payment method (checking.) Is anyone else experiencing this snafu? I will change providers before I pay $120 a year for the privilege of paying my phone bill.

1 reply

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Autopay set up and Payment methods are two different things.    Go into Autopay setup and check what payment method you have stored.