Tmobile the worst customer service!

  • 6 July 2023
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After hours and hours of speaking with numerous representatives over the past month I have got ZERO help. They promise me they will have someone call me back AND THEY NEVER DO!  Tmobile has screwed up in so many ways I would have to write a book to explain what happened.  I've been a loyal customer for over 25 years and this is how they treat us loyal customers?! Now I know why all my friends are leaving Tmobile. . I'll be going over to Verizon to see what they will do for me. 

4 replies

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I’m sick of reps that can’t be understood because their English and accents are horrible. Or that repeat the same “Thank you, Thank you, ok thank you” and fake laugh 80 times and they don’t get your problem resolved. 

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Fcc or bbb will get em complain to them And they will give answers 

I was on hold AGAIN, and hung up on AGAIN. When I first started with Tmobile many years ago it was a good company. Now you can’t even get through the phone lines. Half of the websites for information are 404. Chat is disabled. Wait times are over 20 minutes. I want to leave. I am already testing another product on my phone to take all my lines over. Not the same Tmobile. 

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contact them through either Facebook or Twitter..this starts you with tier 2 support over the call in tier 1 support agents.