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  • 1 March 2023
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I have talked to T Mobile tech support a 100 times, and Tompkins Bank in NY as well. My job uses Tompkins Bank for Business, and no matter what we have tried, I can’t receive short code messages from Tompkins Bank to my T Mobile phone. It’s been over a month. No one seems to be able to figure this out. The short code number is 89549 that Tompkins sends their message from. 


Is there anyone, anyone, that can help me with this issue? People in my office with AT&T and Verizon get the messages from Tompkins without issue. It’s beyond frustrating at this point. 

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Is your T-Mobile account a prepaid or postpaid account?  Most banks will not send 2FA and important messages to prepaid numbers because there is no way to verify that number actually belongs to the client.  It also helps cut down on a lot of fraud.