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  • 5 February 2024
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I recently switched from Verizon to T mobile. It has been a horrible experience!

I was promised switch the three lines and phones from Verizon and get three new phones from T mobile.

I was told I would get $1000 per phone turned in and get three new iPhone 15s, and would receive 200 per line to switch.

After about 9 phone calls of over a hour a piece, and some being three hours long, I have not gotten the trade in right for my old phones, and not got my $200 credit per line. 

This is so ridiculous!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

There has to be someone at T mobile that can fix problems like this instead of every agent I talk to says it just doesn't work that way, (Tosha).

If the promotion code is messed up then there has to be someone that can over ride the stupid program or policy. I want the three phones trade in money applied to my account, because you have received the phones, and I want my three $200 line credits put towards my account as well.

It is to easy!!! Do what was promised!!!

Go back and listen to the recorded lines that I was talking on and see what was said….

How about having a supervisor that will do what they say!!!

I have spoken to three of them and no resolve.

Its like no one cares, and want fix this problem. Not to mention ever time I call I have to start from scratch with the whole story again and listen to reasons why I cant get it fixed or cant speak to someone that can fix it….

My name is Kevin Holt, please have a member of management call me at the 2309 number to get this resolved!!


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This is basically a user to user forum with some Tmobile moderation that don't have account access so your going to need to find another way to contact Tmobile.

You can scroll down to the additional support and click it and in the drop down menu there's a contact us page.

Ive been with t-mobile since november 2022. I was essentially offered the same or at least VERY similar promotion when I signed up. I only ended up recieving $400 for my brand new phone in perfect condition when I was told I would get $1000 for it and would only have to end up paying $2 a month for my new phone. I was also told I would receive a promotional gift card for signing up as well of the cancellation of my previous contract with verizon. None of what was promoted was actually given to me. I had to pay my verizon bill out of pocket, and was never reimbursed as I was told I would. I pay like $15 a month for my phone on each bill. The promos are a joke and you get different information from every single person you speak to on the phone and the stores are run completely separate and will say anything to get you to sign up.. when there is an issue, if you go back to the store, they will tell you to contact customer service and then nothing is ever done about it because they’re a huge business who cares very little about customer satisfaction and can just get away with the lies and deceit.