HULU on T-Mobile

  • 10 January 2024
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Can someone help me out?  A few days ago my wife had contacted Tmobile in reviewing out plans (we have been grandfathered in for over 14 years on a friends and family plan that does not exist anymore) and the rep says we are getting HULU.  Timing could not have been better since I just cut the cord with Comtrash and was about to go to YouTube.  Then I was reviewing online and it says only for Go5G customers or former Sprint customers.  So I called today and TMobile Rep says she does not even see HULU being offered on her side of the site.  Yet, if you go to its right across the front page HULU coming 1/24 so anyone have the answer.  Is it only for certain plan users?  We currently get Netflix but enjoy multiple users for $8.50 a month plus Disney+ and use them often so don’t want to screw anything up.



3 replies

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Hulu is being offered starting 1-24-24 which is why the rep hasn't seen it yet. You will need to change plans to get it though.

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News reports are saying your plan must be either Go5G Plus or Magenta Max to get Hulu starting the 24th of January.

Also, note that this does not include Hulu Live TV.   

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I meant Go5G Next, not Plus.