• 14 January 2024
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I had signed up with netflix and t-mobile netflix on us. I continued to get billed from netflix and never saw a “credit” on my phone bill. I cancelled netflix and went through tmobile as instructed. Today the support team said to reactivate my netflix account and watch for my billing cycle for tmobile. My account has alwasy stated “enrolled”. How do they know I re signed up to netflix?



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either in the upper instructions or in the FaQ drop down questions.


How do I activate Netflix on my account? What if I already have a Netflix account?

Log into My.T-mobile, select Account, and then select Manage add-ons. On the Manage data and add-ons page, add Netflix in the Services section. T-Mobile pays Netflix directly for you. For customers with an existing Netflix account, it may take one or two Netflix billing cycles for your billing to transfer to T-Mobile.