Netflix Standard without ads?

  • 31 January 2024
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Changed plan to upgrade to the netflix standard without ads 8.50 extra a month. However Netflix is still stating that I am on this plan still with tmobile?

Is this correct? 


Bottom line, how do I get rid of ads, pretty sure I signed up properly, its just not reflecting on Netflix’s website


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2 replies


Ok, so on netflix’s website I could actually change the plan which states it will add 8.50 a month to my tmobile bill, selected that I should be good to go now. I hope :)

What I don’t understand is when you tell people to pay down there bills and they have no choice to have a suspended line and you say Netflix on us but is it really? because they still require a card. What about those who are paying down their bills just to get the service on but it won’t happen until you pay off the amount so you begin to make payments so why is your Netflix account affected you cut their offers off too only in america.  If I didn’t need to be in contact I am telling you back to the landlines. It is coming to a point where you have to decide to eat or pay a bill or eat and pay your rent and not buy these 1000$ phones. I get looked at as if I have 10 heads because I have a iPhone 11 and not 13. This is a real topic let’s talk about that