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  • 26 March 2024
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Extremely happy T-Mobile gives us as part of our phone subscription. However from here on out can you please give it to us at the beginning of Spring Training. So we can watch some spring games. Thanks.

Question: Netflix. Me and my uncle share a T-Mobile phone plan. Two lines. We live at different addresses. We are supposed to get 2 screens at the same time Netflix (now with commercials, BOO). I setup the Netflix account from his house. I now get the Netflix error “Your TV isn’t part of the Netflix household for this account” at my address (on my tv). Is there a workaround for this? T-Mobile needs to work with Netflix to fix this error. He is only using 1 screen and I should be able to use 1 screen (even if I live at a different address). T-Mobile needs to make this blatantly obvious to all subscribers. Not just say we give you Netflix.



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That's Netflix policy. Has nothing to do with T-Mobile. T-Mobile is only paying the bill on your behalf nothing more.