How do I delete the data files on my syncup drive?

‌I can't seem to find a way to delete the trips stored in my syncup device. Is there a way to do this?


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Hey @aaron42mx‌!  Good question!  At this time, the drive history will show all driving records from the time the device is installed.  While you can export the trip history through the Mojio app, the history isn't deleted and doesn't time out.  Please know your trip history will never be sold, traded, or used in a way that violates the SyncUP T&C or our Privacy Policy.

- Marissa

This is absolutely horrible and why I am cancelling and returning the unit.  You need to be able to delete history.  There are a number of reasons why (or a way to set a current trip as non-tracked).  Even google maps allows you to do that - so should you.


Then trips and delete.


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Hey, @magenta1979671​ and @aaron42mx​! Can you test the steps that @mustang15​ provided here and let me know how that works out? We don't have this process listed internally, but if it's successful, we'd love to know -- we can put in a request to get it added so that we'll be able to better support this concern going forward! Thank you. 😊

- Marissa

Those steps do work for deleting history/trips.

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Thank you, @cdaddy​! 😀

- Marissa

I cannot find the trips and delete pages. Where are they? I can see all the trips but no way to delete them. Thanks.

Tell me how you did it. I can’t seem to find a way to do it.

Same problem here I log in can see the trip data but can find now where to delete it.

I cant find that either. How do I delete trips?

Doesn't T-Mobile think that as the admin for the Sync up you should be able to administer your own device or account. Just like a phone or tablet. You should be able to delete history. This can cause serious problems and misunderstandings with certain individuals. They need a Firmware update to correct this ASAP.

Solution: Unplug your SyncUP Drive from the ODB2 port. Go to the app, to the offline car, manage car, then remove it. 

Plug the SyncUP again, create a new Car profile. Old history is deleted, and All new history from now on.