I can't make calls and my galaxy watch

  • 14 April 2020
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My watch has a separate line to operate on it's own but so far, I can't make or receive call or text messages without it being connected via bluetooth to my phone.  I have the Samsung Galaxy watch and Samsung s10 phone. 


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6 replies

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To make and receive calls and texts, the watch must be connected to a phone.

Like I stated before, my watch has a separate line of service.  When I purchased the watch I was told I could make and receive texts and calls without my phone being connected.  For example, I can leave my phone at home and still make a call from my watch. My question is how do I go about using my watch separate from my phone?

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When you open the Samsung Galaxy Wearable app​ and go to the Mobile Networks section, what do you see?

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Have you checked out the link Ian posted? Please let us know if that helps.

When you open the Samsung Galaxy Wearable app​ and go to the Mobile Networks section, what do you see?

Hello, I’m having the same issue. I have a iPhone and the Samsung watch 2. When i go on the mobile plans section in the app it says “ your watch does not support plans from T-Mobile right now”. 

Can i answer and make calls from the watch itself? 


For watch to work properly you need to login to your Tmobile account and locate your watch.  You should see a message to pair with Tmobile digits.  Pair your watch with the phone of your choice.  Once paired it will take about 5 minutes to fully pair.  To test disconnect watch from Bluetooth and WiFi.  Watch should then be able to make calls without being connected to Bluetooth and paired to phone.  Also when watch is not paired to Tmobile digits it will give a busy signal when you try to make a call.  Galaxy watch 5 44mm and Galaxy Fold 3 were my devices.  Took 3 hours to figure this out and spoke to like 5 different Tmobile reps before I was told to look at my Tmobile account.  Don't use the Tmobile App to perform those task.