kids syncup won't turn on despite charging for hours watch is a few weeks old. thx

  • 19 February 2022
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simply won’t turn on have tried holding for power on for 30 seconds, tried different plugs etc etc…


16 replies


Sorry you are having an issue here. Thanks for trying different ways of troubleshooting. Recommend exchanging the watch for a new one so we can investigate the issue. Thanks.

SyncUP KIDS Watch Team

Hello. I have the same issue. I got an exchange and now I have the same issue with the replacement.  What is the problem with the SyncUP watch?

My sons watch is doing the same thing and it’s a week old and I’m so disappointed today was his first day of school and I thought the watch was charging over note and it died on him. This is frustrating and upsetting. 

We are having the same problem.    The watch vibrates when we plug it in, but it doesn’t do anything else.


I came here to look into issues with the watch as well.  The watch was charging all night and didnt make it through the day.. Is there a universal charging issue with the watch?

Judging from what I’m seeing on these forums, and how many people have replaced them only to have them do the same thing weeks later, this would appear to be a universal problem with all of them. Oh, ours is doing the same thing. 1-month old.


The watch slipped out of my hands when trying to replace the band and fell on kitchen floor. Now it won't turn on or charge or anything. It's a linoleum floor. Is there an external reset button or is it literally this fragile? 

I am having the same issue, 1 month after purchase. The device won’t charge, nor turn on.

Hi, it seems that is the same issue. That just happen to me. The battery dry off and when we connected it never started up again. We tried with another charger and cables and same result. Should we go to T-Mobile and request a new one??? 

Same issue again. Already exchanged one watch, now the second one is doing the same thing. Both lasted less than 2 weeks.

Is TMobile going to do anything about it and replace our defective devices with a different model? This is literally the only option they have for a kids' watch. I'm having the same issues with the watch not loading out of the blue. I'm trying to replace it under warranty, and of course they don't have any replacements in stock (not surprising considering how many devices are defective). Does TMobile literally not care? I'm going to switch to Verizon if they don't replace it soon enough

Had the watch for only a few days and it won’t charge!!! :(

My kid’s watch has the same issue of not charging. I bought a second charger. It worked for a month, then it stopped. If T-mobile doesn’t fix the issue, then they shouldn’t sell this watch. T-Mobile should recall this unreliable watch. 

I bought the watch for our kid for our Paris trip and as soon as we arrived, the watch stop charging just like the other people in here.  Is T Mobile going to do anything about it?

Just bought a Gabb immediately had issues returned it because it wouldn’t power on at all or charge.. now went to T-Mobile got the SyncUP kids watch and it was awesome starting it up yesterday but now battery is 34% never charged last night and has been still sitting at 34% for over an hour… what the heck is going on! All companies with kids devices are NOT working 

So I was having g this problem. Sat I. The charger wasn’t charging. I found that I had to like squeeze the watch and the charger together to get the ports to connect and it fixed the problem. If that makes sense. Did that once and haven’t had to do it since.