SyncUp & Drive kills batteries/alternator

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I picked up a SyncUp on 12/21/18 and plugged it into my 2007 Chevy Silverado.  It connected no problem and appeared to be working fine.  Later that day the red battery light stayed on after the truck was started.  Voltage gauge showed the alternator was not charging.  I removed the SyncUp but the problem persisted.  I took the truck home and disconnected the negative battery terminal to reset the OBD2 system.  Two hours later when I started the truck, the red battery light went out and the charging system was working fine.  I repeated the scenario again today with the same result.  For some reason the SyncUp shuts down the charging system of the vehicle.  Obviously I am reluctant to plug it into another vehicle for fear of damage to that vehicle's charging system. 

Perhaps I have a defective unit or is there a problem with the programing of the unit?

Does T-Mobile have any idea of what the problem is ?

I also got the sync up Drive and it was put in my vehicle on Monday so it's been less than a week and I noticed the lights flickering on my dashboard in my speedometer needle and RPM needle. I assumed it was the sync up system trying to check my car system, I'm not sure? It didn't happen all the time but periodically while I'm driving and woke up this morning and there's absolutely nothing working on my car no lights absolutely nothing it's the completely dead my battery is less than a year old so now I have to try to tow the vehicle and I attempted to use the synced up roadside assistance after 3 phone calls and two of them being hung up on what they found is that the device doesn't start with the normal numbers and they can't find me in their system either so now I have to figure out how to get my car towed and figure out what's going on with it the device is still attached but it says it's offline. I'm not sure what's going on but I'm not really thrilled. I love the idea of the fact that the device lets me see what's going on with my car but these other problems are less than ideal and couldn't come at a worse time.

I just added a syncup drive to my 2017 Honda CRV two weeks ago.  Car is less than a year old.  It has worked with no issue for the past two weeks, but last night it killed the battery in my car.  Prior to this, there was an anomolie seen where the device kept saying it was offline and then the battery went dead.  after the anomolie, the care did start and I was able to drive to my next destination, but after two hours of being stopped at that desitnation, the car was dead, but the syncup drive was actually online again.

I believe the dead battery was caused by either the unit staying on, or it causing something else in the car to stay on.

I have removed the syncup drive and the battery has been fine..

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Just checking in again on the ticket possibility! 😊


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Hey there!

Just wanted to check in and see if you were able to fine a ticket like Amanda suggested!


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Hey, @hjchase1​! 

Welcome to our Support Community! Gosh, that's not a great first experience for your son especially since he's just getting on the road. It doesn't put your family in a great position either with this happening to two vehicles from the sounds of it. I listed next steps in a different thread you commented on: SyncUp Issues​. Please follow those steps to get a ticket filed so our Engineers can figure out why this is happening.