Syncup Kids Watch issue

  • 7 May 2023
  • 1 reply


Bought a used syncup kids watch to replace a broken one. After getting the sim activated, can't pair with the app. Says it's registered with another user. Messaged the person I bought them from and he bought them from someone else and resold them. T-Mobile can't work around this problem apparently. Anyone have this issue and has been able to correct it?

1 reply

I have this same problem. Spent an hour in the t mobile store today, they didn’t fix the problem. She called a t mobile rep whom I spent over an hour on the phone with- he couldn’t solve the problem. He put me on with another “sync up watch tech specialist” whom I was on the phone with for another 30 plus minutes- who eventually hung up or “lost connection” with me and didn’t call me back. Issue is STILL unresolved. How hard can it be to fix? Also, why are the re-issuing products that are still claimed/owned by others? Shouldn’t that be taken care of prior to giving it to another customer?