SyncUp Kids Watch set up

  • 24 August 2022
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I just received the SyncUP kids watch and attempted to pair it with my phone.  The watch has recognized the pairing but my phone has not.  This means I cannot set the watch up.  My phone is still asking to pair the watch.  How can I get beyond this or reboot so that I have a successful pairing?

1 reply

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Hey @sostevens Really odd to see that the watch says it is paired but the phone doesn’t show it. I would love to help find what is going on and why they are not on the same page. 

To make it a little easier, can you tell me where in the pairing process things are going wrong? SyncUP KIDS Watch | T-Mobile Support That page has the steps listed under Pair SyncUP KIDS watch with app. It would also be nice to know what things you have tried to fix the issue already. That way I don’t suggest something you have already done and send you in circles.