SyncUp Watch Showing Offline

  • 18 May 2022
  • 4 replies


My kids watch was working fine yesterday and we put it on the charger overnight. This morning we woke up and the app alerted us that the watch was “Offline.” I’ve restarted the watch multiple times but no luck. 

4 replies

Same situation for me here. This morning it won’t work and shows offline but my daughter is still texting me from school. The school mode is not working this morning for either watch too. 

I have the same issue.

Same here.  Both of ours offline

Please check that the watch is not in Airplane mode and has a connection to the T-Mobile network. Airplane mode can only be enabled/disabled through the watch settings. If you continue having issues, fila an InsaBug report by opening the SyncUP KIDS app and shacking your smartphone.