SyncUP worked and then went offline

  • 28 December 2017
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This has been real nice in tracking business and pleasure mileage until it went offline .  I got it back online  when I realized this had happened but found it is offline again.  Why is it going offline?  Is this something that is going to happen from  now on? 


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Hey, @magenta1440208!

I'm sure this product is super beneficial....when it's working! I checked out a few things and saw that there were a few hiccups within the week that caused a few hiccups (one being the device showing offline). Is this still happening or has it resolved itself? Everything should be up and running now.

I am sick and tired of this offline bull$hit. We moved over from Zubie and added FIVE devices to SyncUp and it is offline way too much and always at the worst times like when we are trying to keep tabs on our 17 year old son. You know, as marketed one of the most important reasons to have this device. If it doesn't work when you need it then it is a USELESS POS.

Yes, it did resolve it self.  

How do I fix the OFFLINE issue with the T-Mobile syncing tracker ??

How do a fix offline problem.



This sync up tracker is nothing but garbage! I got this to track my granddaughter’s bus so I’ll know when to pick her up since it’s never on time. I noticed that by the time she got home the battery was half drained and I was having to charge it everyday. My understanding was the battery should last up to 7 days. So I called Tmobile and at first they said it was past the 14 day warranty but that they would send me a new one anyway. A week went by and no tracker. Checked my email and never got a confirmation and nothing showing on my account so I called again. Turns out they never sent a replacement out and was giving me the same old runaround about the warranty and I would have to pay $20. After going round and round with them they finally said they would replace it BUT FIRST I had to take it to a Tmobile repair store and have a technician check it out and fill out the claim form….WTF?!!!!  I don’t have a repair nearby and by this time I was just so pissed I said forget it I’ll just keep this one and deal with charging it everyday. while tracking my granddaughter’s bus the tracker wasn’t updating. I knew the buses were going to be behind schedule today but after 30 min it still kept telling me she was still at school! I called the school and nope the bus had left over 15 min ago!!!! When she got home I checked the tracker on the app and it said Offline and No Internet Connection. Grrrrrr!!!!!   So I figured maybe it needs to be charged so after charging I tried again and it was still telling me offline. So then I rebooted my phone thinking that would help but again showing offline! I am so pissed because I had to add another line for this POS!!!!!! I should of known better and went with something else!