Dial it XX

  • 9 June 2023
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i have four lines on my account. For one of the accounts, there is a text labeled ‘Dial it xx”.  What does this mean?  There are a lot of those over the last few months and I cannot figure out what kind of text that would be.  Any help is appreciated!

6 replies

I was wondering what this is also it showed up on bill 

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It seems extremely strange to see random text messages labeled like that. Have you looked at the phone for that timeframe to see if there were any text messages that match the time and date for that message? That is usually the best way to figure out exactly what it means. 

If anyone would be able to share a screenshot of those message logs, I could also take a deeper look into what those messages mean. 

what do you need the number and dates of Dial it xx

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As an example.  If you see that Dial XX on your usage for say, Monday at 3PM.  Check the messages in your device for a message at that time.  Maybe that will offer a clue to what it is.  If it doesn’t but you find something corresponding to the time,  Screenshot it and post it here to see if anyone else recognizes the message and perhaps what it comes from.  

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what do you need the number and dates of Dial it xx

If you are willing to share a screenshot of what you see, that is usually best. A picture is worth a thousand words, so seeing it usually helps give extra context. If you are more comfortable explaining, then share any information you have about the call or message. Date and time, number, destination, direction, and type. If you can see a corresponding message at that time on the person's phone, that information would be helpful as well because it could help us explain why it shows up as Dial it xx. 

Thanks for sharing whatever you can! 

It's in the location. Say if my husband text me n he's outside for example it shows his number on the text everything is correct but the location says dial it xx or a random city and state. I dunno if it's a free or secret tale and text app. Or if he's got location off on phone with some fake GPS causing it but I'm pretty sure it's a free talk and text app. I'm experience the same