Has anyone received a text to change payment method?


I received the attached text supposedly from t-mobile about changing my payment method.  Please see the attached image.  I would say this is phishing and wanted to report it to t-mobile.  I saw no other way to get it to t-mobile.


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Yes I received one since if you have a credit card for autopay you need to change it to debit card or bank account to receive the discount for autopay.

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since there will be others jumping into here and spouting away about how bad TMO is for doing this and saying how no other carrier does this blah blah blah…



from one of the carriers that “doesnt do this”…


not pointed at the OP but more at those that will do zero research into what other carriers do before ranting away


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@JimmyMac53 ,

We're sorry to hear that you're having so much trouble, but let's find out a bit more on this. You would be set to paper-free billing by default, but if you changed that to where a physical bill is sent out each month, please check out this link for steps on turning on paper-free option: . You can always access and view a digital version of the last 12 months of billing statements through My Verizon. Please keep in mind that you don't get a discount just with paper-free billing, as you must also be enrolled in Auto Pay with either a debit card or a bank account. If you are using a credit card for Auto Pay, it's not going to give you a discount through us, unless it's the Verizon VISA card. Please check the same link I had shared for steps on managing your Auto Pay. 


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I think I changed my billing information, but I keep getting these emails.  I went to the T Mobile website but I couldn't find a way to see if I’d made the change.  The only thing under “My account” that might help me is “Ask the community” so I’m asking, how do I see the details of my account?  I just tried calling them.  Fortunately, I’m a very old man so I can wait the 45 minutes it will take for them to call me back. Unless, of course, I arrrgh!! I’m dying!!! Don’t worry, I know CPR.  It would help if I could remember where I put the defibrillator.

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Sign into your mytmobile account and and select profile or billing.

I wouldnt click that link in the phone just in case.  Get on your computer and just login through the web page.

Autopay plus cc = no discounts, you can still use a cc though.  

Card will still be charged but there will be an increase in price.

I called T mobile and they said the text is legit. But I wouldn’t use the link in a text just in case. I used their website. I set my payment to routing number and account for a savings account. Is that acceptable since it states it needs to be conected to a bank account to receive the discount. It doesnt specify checking. It just says bank account. Is there a Tmobile service rep that can verify if this is acceptable?

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There's only a couple of dedicated Tmobile employees on the forum. @HeavenM is one.

Just got this


T-Mobile: FINAL REMINDER of Action Needed by 07/30/2023. We’re changing the payment methods that qualify for AutoPay discounts. To continue receiving your $5.00 AutoPay discount, you must update your payment method to a debit card or a bank account. To keep your discount, please visit to change your payment method by 07/30/2023.

I also got an email

Is this real?

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Yes it is, I just got my first bill minus autopay discount.