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  • 20 September 2023
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T-Mobile review

The worse experience I ever had inn transferring over from Verizon to T-Mobile.  I curse the day I went with T-Mobile. They make it so, so, so difficult to transfer, to get a password, to get an account, to get your rebate & absolutely no one in their on-line tech department knows what they are doing.

I signed up 9/11/234 & am still trying to change a password & get my $381.25 (8 days later).  Nothing is ever done right, according to them yet, the people telling me how to do it are the on-line tech people. 

I spent hours on the phone with a guy named Ramsey (who works from home and I heard his wife & kids in background making all kinds of noise, yelling and screaming) & he told me to drive to the store ( ½ hour each way which I did & waited in line for over ½ hour to get help) to get a password to open my account (didn’t know how to even give me a password).  Then, if can’t get it there he will call me back in 5 days.

The rebate was done all wrong although, that on-line person reviewed it and told me was fine.

Its 9/20/23 (9 days later) and I’m still at it.  I had to re-sub all my last 2 total bills from Verizon. Had to get with Verizon as I was locked out of my old acct when transferred. Had to get codes and acct numbers and transfer numbers. Had to download all this to my computer then, had to go and upload all of this to T-Mobile.  (rebate tech suggested I go back to the store again and do it there. Another 1 hour drive.  Every time I have a problem, will  I have go to store???).  It took at least 2 & ½ hours (today alone!!!) and still have no idea if this is acceptable to T-Mobile.  They won’t process it till 48 hours from now.

I fully expect it to be all wrong again and have re-do again. I believe they make this so difficult that you will give up on getting a rebate.  I also understand that once you file (if u can ever file) for refund, that it takes several months to get refund.  One lady I talked to, in the store, told me she never got her refund. I intend to go too every review site I can to let people know about the horrendous service they get with T-Mobile.

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i would contact TMO through one of their social media platforms like Facebook or Twitter. this will start you with tier 2 support over the call in tier 1 support agents.