I cannot buy on Google Play store

  • 9 January 2024
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I took off buying on my T-Mobile game app and I called T-Mobile to have it put back on and Google Play will not

Let me buy they said the issue is with T-Mobile but when I talk to T-Mobile they said that I have no issues on my phone and I should be able to buy can anybody help me

4 replies

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are you trying to buy through Google but have TMO bill you for it? or are you just trying to pay yourself instead?


I've bought before through T-Mobile before Now I cannot buy I've contacted them both There no problem on T-Mobile side 

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i have done it in the past but ended up running into the same issues...this was back with Sprint though...i just changed to paying for it myself and havent had any problems since.

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It can be really convenient to have the app store purchases charge to your T-Mobile bill. There are a couple different things that would prevent the charge from going to your phone bill. 

It is letting you select T-Mobile US billing from the Payment Methods drop down? 

If you have that selected, do you get some error message when trying to make an app purchase?

Have you logged into your T-Mobile account to make sure you don’t have a blocking feature on your line that prevents those types of charges? 

  • Content Blocking, a free service offered that lets you block chargeable content billed through T-Mobile.
  • Family Allowances, manage usage for all your lines. Included with some plans, others incur a small monthly fee.

Also keep in mind that app stores may offer parental controls to prevent unwanted purchases – including in-app purchases. Double check your Google Play settings to make sure nothing like that is in place. 

Hope this helps.