lost promo after account migration from Sprint

  • 29 September 2023
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hello everyone i just want to say how totally digusted i am with Tmobile,i have a free line on us from Sprint(Sprint Customers: Free "Unlimited Line On Us Plan" - The Money Ninja)i resevered this line back in june 2020 when i was with sprint,now that my account got migrate to tmobile without my consent i am being,i have call umteen times to get this resolved but everytime i  get a new rep on the phone they told me they submit a request to management to get a code or someting new everytime to add to the account so i can get my promotions back,and told its gonna take 1 to 2 billing cycles,and they would credit the account for the promo line,after the 2 billing cycles the bill went back up and this repeats,now i am told i need to have 3 lines of service before i can get a third line free,that they cannot give me back the promo i had with sprint.I hope someone can reach out to fix this,i am truly disappointed with Tmobile

1 reply

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not overly sure why they would need to keep a promo from a company that they purchased.. depending on  how long ago you switched you might not be tied into anything and can leave to another carrier that’ll take care of that for you.