suspended out going messages

  • 6 December 2023
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As of yesterday I cannot send out text messages from my phone.. called customer service and they told me I have sent out too many text messages..(they said 3000 but my line barely sent a third of that 2900 total for my 3 lines) they said the fcc suspended me from sending messages. I looked back at other months and we've used way more then that that amount of messages.. my outgoing messages are suspended for 10 days! Ha any one ever heard of this? 

8 replies

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I have never heard of any sort of cap on messages you can send.  However, if you get flagged for spamming.  That is a completely different thing that can get your outgoing messages temporarily suspended.  Have you checked your device to make sure you don’t have any rogue apps sending out messages?

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have you been sending a lot of links in those texts?

Yep! This happened to me now. I guess I'm a spammer. Who knew?! My family is dealing with cancer and I'm away dealing with it while not knowing I'm blocked from sending texts. No report sent to me or a way to deny or discredit their findings. Guilty before innocent. Paying for services I cannot use. I had doctors texting me and I had no idea my messages were not going through. Tmobile rep said likely my ban would lift before her file could go through to the FCC to investigate. Don't care, do it anyways and I plan on filing a complaint on their site. So the real scammers keep doing their evil bidding and I'm shut down from telling my mom how to feed my pets or giving updates on the treatments. Nice. FCC needs to do better and go after the real problem...spoofing. PLUS, what's scary is anyone can file a number as spam so if you have people that don't like out. What a joke. 

any update they they lift the ban ? they just banned me yesterday  but im not a spammer or send mass text messaages  please any update will be very helpful.

The situation is this: I have been banned 4 times in the last month. No details given to me, never told I’m locked out from sending texts. I’ve called many times. Every time the tech person says they will follow through and at some point they drop off from following up and I’m where I began, locked from sending texts. They have tried to delete my number and reinstate it to trick the system and that did not work. I filled with the FCC website and I have only gotten the thanks for adding a grievance. The site is odd, what I want to complain about is actually under receiving spam vs saying I can’t send messages. There is a box to check eventually. I sent a follow up email to the email account asking for more information and follow up and nothing happened. Best I know there is no way to talk to an engineer. Good luck finding a tech person to honestly follow through. At this point they say change my number and that’s not an option. I may change my carrier and port my number because I’m starting to think people are not doing their jobs and I’ve wasted too much of my life on phone calls and FCC filings that end up being a waste. Also, we should receive a refund on our accounts since we are not getting the services we are paying for. 

This just happened to me for no reason that I can tell. They're saying I sent spam. I don't know how to know if my phone or account has been hacked or someone is spoofing me. T-Mobile supposed to get back to me meanwhile I have no outgoing texting. Any advice is appreciated

Have the other people who have had this happen to them gotten their texting capabilities back?

This happened to me as well for no reason.