T-Mobile app is not working


I currently ported in T-Mobile with a Simply Prepaid Plan ($40).

When I tried to access the T-Mobile app, it showed

"Sorry we're not ready for you yet. We're working on improving your app experience."

I had already tried to unload and reinstall the app several times, but still in vain.

I wonder is this usually happened to people just ported in T-Mobile?

If anyone had this problem before can provide me solutions, thank you.


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Prepaid users can I use the T-Mobile app. You need to access your account through a mobile web page or desktop.

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I had access a couple of days ago. Yesterday and a few minutes ago, no access.

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Have you tried accessing your account on desktop to see if that works? Some prepaid customer are getting a message that it's not currently ready for them, and going to the web is an alternate.


I'm also curious to see what the solution is since I, along with 2 others, have exactly this problem after we switched from an older plan to the newer $40 Simply Prepaid or the $50 T-Mobile ONE. We have been using the My T-Mobile website for years and after we switched couple of months ago, the website and the app no longer works.

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Are you getting the "Sorry we are not ready for you" message when using a computer browser?


I get that error message when I use the app. When I use the My T-Mobile website, I am successfully able to login but it directs me to an error "Oh No! We are having problems linking this account" or something along those lines. This situation also goes for the two other people who have seitc6hed to the new prepaid services.


@tmo_chris sorry i didnt tag you on my reply... new to this forum

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@janra The message you are seeing in the app is correct. We are still working on fine tuning the app experience for our newer prepaid accounts. As for the error you are seeing when using a browser, we will need to gather some information from you to open a ticket with our web team. If you have a moment, please either give us a call or use the Facebook or Twitter links in my signature to speak with one of our experts who will be able to securely gather the needed information. 

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I am not a newer prepaid account. I wound up shutting down the app in my phone. BTW, since I had to update my password I added this to the piece of paper that has the new password "Use EDGE To ADD FUNDS!". Hopefully my pea-brain will get the message. Thanks,again.

T Mobil's response is total bs.  This "error" message has been going on for over 3 years now.  I would be extremely surprised if they are even working on that at all.  Especially with the upcoming merger with Sprint.  At least give us the real story!!!

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Depending on the line, I see that same error (not ready for you yet) and have been seeing THAT for two years now.

More recently on a new line ported in, I get the following below and have been seeing THIS for a week now.

Accessing either line via the web site ( works perfectly.

Big shame !! 4 yrs ago (same issue) .. 2018 the same issue and threads initiated .. 2019 over & over .. till today “Sorry we’re not ready for you yet. We’re working on improving your app experience”. Is this only happening with T-Mobile ?; or have we spent too long time with T-Mobile without the simplest service ever can be offered “Mobile App” ?!!! 

This is such a stupid error that exists for more than 8 years. Tmobile app or mobile website (on safari, chrome or firefox) is not accessible if you own a prepaid account. How does Tmobile expect their customers to add more cash to their account, especially if it’s a preaid one?!? This is total non-sense. Account is accessable via desktop browser only.

The app never worked. Prepaid treated like 2nd class citizen. 

They aren’t actually working on fixing the problem lmfao it’s been like this for years 

It’s strange how $151 billion dollar company won’t invest $25 grand into its own account payments portal… it’s like they want customers to stop paying

Still a problem as of June 2022. 

I called CS and they told me the app doesn’t work for prepaid accounts (which I find a bit hard to believe). 

But at least I can use their mobile web site. 

Still a problem as of June 2022. 

I called CS and they told me the app doesn’t work for prepaid accounts (which I find a bit hard to believe). 

But at least I can use their mobile web site. 

I could not even use the website. Neither app nor website is working for me. Should I call them every month? It really does not make any sense!


Oh wow! That stinks! 

What happens when you try to use the website?

When I login, the website does not open and there is a “busy” icon that is turning forever.