Question Payment history not displaying amount paid

  • 28 June 2023
  • 2 replies


From, under My account dropdown, there is Account Activity. Here you can see payment history. It shows the date, phone number / line, and description of payment, but the amount to the right for nearly all payments just shows “-”. It used to display the actual amount.

How can we make Tmobile aware of this issue so they can fix it? It’s been broken for several months.

2 replies

I came here to ask the same exact question. Why aren’t the amounts of my payments listed/showing in my activity history? PLEASE FIX NOW, TMOBILE.

I am unable to see the amounts for payments that I have made.  When I search for the payment history, it shows a dash “-” where the amount should be.


Why am I unable to see the amounts in payment history.  


This is definitely not cool T-Mobile.  Not cool at all.