• 20 March 2024
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I switched to TMobile in October, especially because of the $150 rebate card. Since then, I have had to call TMobile a dozen times, I’ve had a dozen chats. . .AND STILL NO REBATE CARD. I have filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau this morning after ANOTHER chat yesterday promised to call me and “get this taken care of” because “it’s not like TMobile.” Surprise surprise. . . no phone call. No rebate card. I assume that there a lot of people out there who never received their card, especially those unwilling to try and contact TMobile two dozen times in order to do so. 



5 replies

I’m going through the same process….


I received the email saying that it is approved, but when I followed the steps, clicked the provided link and entered info to activate the rebate card, this message showed up….

“We are not able to validate the information provided, please try again”

checked their promotion site for rebate status, said the virtual rebate card was sent… go figure…..


I’ll try to contact their care and rebate team by phone tomorrow morning.

I too am having issues with not able to validate the information, I’ve tried my 5g home internet phone number and also my mobile phone number listed on my profile, no luck, $200 rebate card says it was sent…..

Same issue.  “We are not able to validate the information provided. Please try again.” I have tried all the numbers I have including the one for the internet. 

I was finally able to get my rebate card here’s a direct line to the rebate department per T-Mobile help -


“ Thanks, here's the direct line to our rebate team 1-877-311-8853. They are open from  5 a.m. - 7 p.m. PT (Mon-Sat). Please try to call our team so we can help you with your Rebate “

I’m also going through the same process and pretty much done with it. They were also supposed to give me the switch over rebate because I switched over to them from Verizon and I can’t get that rebate out of them either now Verizon bill seems to keep going up and up here nothing but a bunch of lies. All I can do is hope karma will get them or maybe someone on file class action