$50 gift card

  • 24 July 2023
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I received an email today to activate my $50 gift card online.  I clicked on the tab in the email, which sent me to another site, which asked me to register or sign in.  I tried to register, but it would not let me.  So I tried to sign in, which it did not recognize.  Then it locked me out.  During this time, I was sent to another page, which asked me for my gift card number, and the 3 number card pin, which I do not have, because I do not have a physical card.  No card has been mailed to me.
I tried to call Customer Service but after being on a long hold, I gave up.  I will try to call them when I have more time.  
Does anyone have any experience with these gift cards, and how to go about setting up, or logging on, and how to get the required information to activate the card, without a physical card in hand?  Could you please guide me in the correct direction.
Thank you!

3 replies

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Are you sure it was Tmobile that sent that link? I've been getting a lot of phishing attempts in my email.

You may want to be a little proactive and change your Tmobile password just in case.

Same issue here and I double checked the email it’s the exact same as my bill. I don’t get it

I have never received my $50 gift card they said it would be sent 3 months after I started the program with the internet. Help