Cannot access TMobile Money account on desktop or mobile

  • 23 December 2021
  • 7 replies


I just created my account on 12/23/2021, I’m not able to access my T-mobile money account on either the desktop site or mobile app. On the desktop site when I log in the screen is blank and doesnt load anything and on the mobile app I get an error when trying to log in- “Device not found. (L159)”

7 replies

Same issue. Hours after account creation and no change. 

i’m currently having the same issue was your issue ever fixed ? 

Yes, eventually. I think it took a day or two.

Unrelated, but one other thing I’ll mention is that the limits to this account are not so obvious up front. Once you log in, it says you can transfer $3000 into the account per day. When you go to add funds, the limit per transaction is actually $300. So I guess I can do 10 transfers per day?

For transfers out, it says the limit is also $3000 per day, but at this point I don’t know if that’s the limit per transaction or it’d be a similar situation.

I found this out once I went through the trouble of linking my external bank account. I’m not confident that if I put money in that I’ll actually be able to get it out, at least not easily. So I’m not using T-Mobile Money.


So how was this remedied?

I’ll wait, but I wanted  to set it up as my main card being that I’d like to streamline everything.

Having the same issue.  This seems to be a common problem. Why aren't they dealing with it?