T-Mobile money account link with mint / plaid

  • 7 November 2021
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Several threads relating to T-mobile money linking account with mint have been closed as *SOLVED*. However, I do not see this solved yet, there’s no way to link with mint. I wanted to use this for direct pay, have been waiting for solution. 

Please either provide solution or confirm that t-mobile can’t be linked with Mint / plaid. Do not just close it as SOLVED. That’s not correct.

  1. Can’t link t-mobile mobile money account with mint.
  2. Can’t link t-mobile money account with remittance services (Instarem - uses plaid)
  3. Can’t link t-mobile money account in Google Pay (Uses plaid service)

Hoping for quick turnaround on this.

8 replies

I would also really like for T-mobile money to be available to view on my Mint account. I just got my T-mobile money a few days ago and tried, today, to link the T-mobile money account with my Mint account with no luck. I tried to look for Customers Bank, but did not see the correct bank.

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I really have no hopes that T-Mobile money team would address this issue as it’s been hanging on for over a year or so.. there could be some technical challenges.. moving on.. I have limited myself from using it as I can’t track my spendings easily.

Just updating this post, I really want to be able to link my T-Mobile Money account to said financial services

I just tried to link my T-Mobile MONEY account to Intuit Mint and cannot find “T-Mobile” anywhere.  Not even the T-Mobile cell phone plan.  I can only assume this is due T-Mobile MONEY being a Fintech with Customers Bank providing the actual banking services behind the scenes.

Still experiencing issues up until today. Even tried linking directly with Customers Bank as a last ditch effort, to no success. 

Agreed, all threads are getting locked as “solved,” without any resolution other than “I’ll look into it” being supplied.

Been struggling with this since I started using T-mobile Money. I use Mint to track all my finances across a dozen accounts, and T-mobile Money is the only one I can't see.


I used to keep a large portion of my money with T-mobile, but I've had to move it out simply because I can't track it with the rest of my portfolio in my finance app Mint.


According to other users who have asked Mint about this, it seems T-mobile is actively blocking Mint from integrating? If that's the case, please reconsider, as you're the only company I've seen that doesn't work with Mint. I have requested integration a few times since I started my accounts, to no avail.


If it's just that you haven't prioritized supporting it yet, this honestly needs to be moved to the top of your backlog if you want to keep money savvy customers around. It's 2022, people use financial tracking apps, and you need to be there to support your customers with your tech. (Apparently you used to support it in 2018?? Why stop?)

I also just recently moved over to T-Mobile Money and Savings, and I was surprised it's not available on Mint. Please interface with Mint! 

T-Mobile Team:


Is 2023 and we still can’t link our account to Intuit Mint. The ironic is that T-Mobile Money is through Customers Bank and there is an option to link Customer Bank account to Mint. But since the login is on a different site than Customer Bank, we can’t link it.

Can you please work with Customer Bank to be able to link T-Mobile Money account to Mint?


Thanks in advance.