Exhausted trying to get T-Mobile to T-Mobile Promotion

  • 9 March 2024
  • 3 replies


I signed up for a T-Mobile Tuesday Promotion back in November 2023.  This was for a Fire TV is I joined T-Mobile 5g Internet Service. And Maintained for 2 Months.  Well I did just that but I never received the codes for this promotion to submit for Amazon to send the TV. (This is part of the process)

I have contacted customer support several times, phone, chat etc. Everyone I speak to agrees that I qualified. I get the repeated promises that they have contacted the proper department to moves this along. But no one has contacted me back, everytime I call its the same promises etc. I have gone to stores, but I get a snicker at the stores that it has to be handled via support. 


Any help or ideas, to get this resolved. 

3 replies

I having the same issue with my 200 dollar card for getting home internet was approved and still waiting


I’m waiting for the same promotion. I was approved for the internet promotion when I switched to their internet service back in April and still haven’t received my $200.00 Visa card. It’s been well over 10 weeks and they keep saying “it takes 10 weeks to approve, you’ll receive it soon”. Total bull crap 

Fdrich, same here. Even after checking monthly, I am on messenger right now  with "Nick" being told the promo theye sent (never did) is now expired and I can only receive $300 credit. This guy even shamed me for not contacting them sooner. BS as I have checked every month and the status never chnges. What a rip off.