Tlife app can only use with one phone

  • 14 February 2024
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I used to login to T-Mobile Tuesday with phone number so that everybody on my plan could use their own coupons the way they see fit. Now I can only get one movie pass or one coupon for little Caesar’s. I can’t use it with each phone number because it’s asking for T-Mobile id. How can I make it so that each of us can use the coupons separately? 

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2 replies

I don’t have an answer but wanted you and T-Mobile to know that you are not the only one with this issue since T-Life replaced T-Mobile Tuesdays app.  I put a call into our local store for pretty much the same issue and they are trying to replicate.  I use to be able to enter my mobile number for coupons and then logout/login using my home internet number to claim my second set of coupons but that no longer works since T-Life started.

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Hey there! It looks like this conversation is already going on in another thread. One of our amazing teammates has added a little information and also asked a few questions. Check it out and continue the conversation