Walgreens Free Photo Offer

  • 11 February 2024
  • 3 replies


My wife and I both saved last week’s offer for free prints from Walgreens.  But we went to redeem and they were no longer in our Free Stuff folder, nor did they show up in the Expired folder.  (But a Burger King offer we saved the very same time is still there.) They just vanished.  We were still inside the redemption window so who knows what happened to the offer.  Did anyone else have issues like this?  I think it may have had something to do with the switch to T-Life from Tuesdays.  I am very annoyed as we have been waiting for that particular offer to make prints of a recent trip.

3 replies

I just went to redeem my photos as well and the link is gone :(

Same case for me. I could’ve sworn the expiration date was not so soon. I do not see it on my expired tab neither.

I also noticed a walgreens free 10 photo deal in my t mobile app and it disappeared next time. Can somebody share the coupon code.