anyone figure out a solution to the NAT/UPnP issues when gaming on a PC?

  • 27 December 2022
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to the peeps with Tmobile Internet.. i tried it out and its fast at my house. i get around 400 down and 30 to 40 up and i have a tower very close. i have tried it for almost 2 weeks with zero issues..until today. dayz will not work because of the NAT/UPnP issues with the gateway...i plugged spectrum back in and it worked perfect….before i cancel the service, i wanted to see if anyone here had any experience with it and is there a fix? its too bad, cause other then this i love it..but my son and i are huge PC gamers…


Thank you

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Currently unless you use a VPN with the features you need there is no fix for the UPnP and port forwarding for gaming. You can poke around on Reddit and there might be some users that have shared their experiences with VPN use. The T-Mobile FAQs even state it pretty much is not supported.