has anyone heard if tmoblie is working on improving their internet connection?

  • 24 December 2022
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I lose my internet connection several times a day.  As a work from user, I need a stable connection.  I'm told that it's because TMobile added to many customer to their limited space.   I'm now 3 hours without internet -- and this is just today.   


As I say EVERY time I talk to support and to EVERY person I get shuffled to.... Yes, I have rebooted, yes it's happening in all my devices, yes my box is near a window, yes my connection says it's excellent..... So exhausting. 


Doesn't anyone from T-Mobile even pay attention to this community and see so many are having the same problem.  

1 reply

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First, I am not from T-Mobile. I'm a regular user, like you. I don't have your problem in S. Florida, but if I did, I'd find an alternative ISP. Wireless Internet service is a relatively new category, and who knows how T-Mobile is actually monitoring the service.

I'm retired and my needs are different from someone who is working from home and needs totally reliable Internet. Having said that, I find my Internet service from T-Mobile pretty solid. I get a few slowdowns during the height of the day, but generally I get between 60-70 Mbps download.

If the T-Mobile tech support group isn't helping, let your wallet do the talking and go somewhere else. The process of losing customers (called churn in the telecommunications industry) is the only way to really get their attention.