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  • 13 May 2022
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Just received a 5G gateway, ran few speed test (using app )(about 15 try) logged into the online portal and it shows 14GB data used. 

Yes i know its supposed to be unlimited.
But how can few steed test justify 14GB of data?


Also why is online Portal showing $55 while its supposed to be $50 ?

1 reply

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If you set up auto pay for your monthly service it is $50/month. If T-Mobile has started a new promotion I am not sure. Just contact T-Mobile and get it straightened out. Set up for auto pay on a monthly basis and then it should be $50/month. 

I have never given the testing with or much thought about how much data I am consuming. Since they don’t have a data cap I just do what I want for testing. IF I think the service is not where I feel it should be I run a test or two. My Nokia reports 118 Gig over a 8 day 5 hour uptime. I just ran two test with and the router reports minimal usage and no where close to a gig so seems like a strange report from your gateway. If you have the Arcadyan gateway then maybe the reporting by software is flat out wrong. If you wanted to do the math and use a verbose reporting with netstat via the command window you could double check things. Too much math hurts my brain.