Home Internet and 5G on iPhone

  • 12 May 2022
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Question: All things being equal, sorta, should I expect the 5G modem/router to deliver the same speed/quality as I receive using the 5G data stream with my phone? 

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The speed and quality of signal with the 5G home internet gateway will depend on a number of variables. The distance to the tower and how clear your path is to the tower. The frequency used to carry the data will be a factor as well. If you are close to a tower with the n41 delivery you can get some very impressive download speeds. If you are in a rural area and n71 is the 5G delivery it will send the signal out farther but not have the speeds of the n41. I am in a rural area with pretty true line of sight to the tower 5.3 miles away and I get up to 180 Mbs down and upward of 50-60 Mbs uploads when everything is the best conditions. I am on the n71 band here and no tower within 2-3 miles with n41. With true line of sight and no major obstructions to the signal delivery it is a nice solution.

No location is identical to another. External influences will always be factors to consider. With either a phone or the home internet gateway trees, hills, buildings, trains, other radio sources all influence results. The use of the phone vs. the gateway for data delivery, well it also depends upon the hardware you have and of course the external factors. Testing pretty much would provide data that best answers such a question. By using different speed testing options I see similar results for speed but not identical results. If you have the top tier phone plan vs. a lower tier well that would be another consideration. Variables abound.