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  • 18 April 2022
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So I am new to the home internet with TMobile, thr connection at any window in my house is weak, I think that's my location.  I still get 200 mbps download so still quite happy.  But at random times devices will be connected to it, but won't have internet.  Often resetting the device and then it works.  Any idea what I might be missing?



2 replies

I have the same issue constantly since I sign up.

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You're probably not missing anything.  That said, at each location, did you try rotating the gateway a little (and I mean maybe half an inch at a time), and running speed tests after each rotation? The bars are a very rough approximation of your signal.  You might get better throughput with two bars showing than when rotated to where it shows three bars.

 I had the same issue at first, and tried almost all the suggested solutions here, including the fans, etc. (I won’t list all of them here, but searching this forum for your problems should find you a lot of info). The one solution I did not try was buying and installing an external antenna. 

What finally solved my problems was T-Mobile upgrading the towers near me.  It took them several weeks to complete, but afterward, my signals were way stronger, throughput was much higher, and I stopped having the internet disconnect problem. Going on seven months now with solid, speedy connections.  You may just have to wait until they do the same in your area.