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This is primarily a reference post related overheating.  If you want to read my full background, see the link at the bottom.

The Nokia device seems to have an overheating issue.  For me that mean things would run fine for a few hours or even days and then suddenly speeds would drop so low it appeared to be completely offline.  Even though the ambient temperature in the room was in the 60s and the device itself never felt that warm, adding a couple cooling fans drastically improved air flow throughout the device and completely resolved my issues.  Here’s a link to the fans I purchased.


You may only need one but since these came as a set I put one beneath the device and the other one on top.  This has ensured constant airflow throughout the device and kept my modem from having any issues.  I am fairly certain that the tower I am connected to does not support 5G but I have been very happy with my consistent 4G speeds that average around 100 Mbps download and 50 Mbps upload.



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Thanks for the advice and fan options. I was willing to try anything to be able to keep the T-mobile service, and not go crawling back to my cable internet provider, so I bought the $20 two-fan combo from Amazon and used a stand I got for $2.45 on clearance from Monoprice, that was made to hold an Amazon Echo, but makes a great platform for the Gateway device, and put on fan on top and one on the bottom, with plenty of air space underneath and above.

I did all that on 1/20 and now it’s 2/2, so it’s been nearly two weeks, and I haven’t had any internet outages, or slow-downs as I was having before, so I hope this will continue. I don’t know if it’s the fans, or the “working on the nearby tower” that I was told by customer service that is being completed, but I will take all the help I can get.


Just adding in the same problems many have had. High traffic led to a hot Internet device led to internet drops and massive speed dumps (180mbps to 5mbps). I got the usb fans yesterday and my speeds have remained around 150+ speed all day. all this leaves me to wonder why on earth they produced a device with insufficient venting and no fans to begin with? 

Looks like I’m getting the overheating error WAN005 and another one WAN002. Everyone here fixed the issue with a fan it would appear but I’m confused about my issue. My unit doesn’t feel hot or last more than a 20 or 30 minutes before it kicks off line with an error. I have to remove power and that resolves the error only to have it happen again a few minutes later. I have the new 5g model also, not sure if anyone is still seeing this issue?

I can’t speak to your error messages but I can tell you that my device didn’t feel hot on the outside and the air was warm and not hot. I’ve had the fans for a few weeks and had zero issues with my device slowing down or requiring me to unplug/plug-in the device to resolve. If you’ve got like a small fan you can set the router on for a day or two just to see if it works that would be a worthy troubleshooting option before buying the USB fans several of us have purchased. Good luck!

Overheating problem solved. 2 weeks and no more drops.  (TMobile, please do something about your hardware, though.)


It’s only been a few hours, but I moved the gateway to over an air condition vent and I can feel the difference in the temperature of the gateway. I did a reset with the power button after powering it up from the location move. As of this moment my up load and down loads have doubled. I will keep up dates as how this continues.