Is MLB TV restricted to your phone.

  • 24 March 2022
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Is the offer restricted to viewing only on your phone?  Or can you also stream it from the App on another type of device?

9 replies

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I can watch it on my Roku.

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I can watch it on my tablet and my laptop

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I can watch it on my nVidia Shield on my TV.

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I can watch it on my Apple TV on my TV.

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In previous years I’ve watched on Roku

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Here’s the list of my devices on which I can watch MLB (all tested out today):

Roku, iPhoneXr, iPad Pro, MacBook Air, Windows 11 laptop (@ MLB.COM), AppleTV HD, and Google Chromecast with Google TV.

I watched two opening day games today.  Quite a nice perk from T-Mobile!

So what am I doing wrong?  I can watch on my phone but can’t connect to Roku.  Tells me I have to upgrade.

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I first logged into the MLB app on my iPhone, and with the app still running, I opened the T-Mobile Tuesdays app to claim the deal. When I did, it switched to the MLB app and updated the account with the paid membership. After that, I opened the Roku MLB app. In the Roku app, I signed out and then re-logged into MLB using the same account as I use in my iPhone app. When I did that, it recognized that I had a paid subscription. Did the same thing in the MLB apps in my AppleTV HD and Google Chromecast. Those apps also recognized I had a paid subscription. 

i hope that helps. 

When I redeemed the offer from the Tuesday Thanks app I didn’t have to use any credentials on my iphone or ipad, it just worked on the app. But I’d like to get this to work on a TV. I have the FireTV stick and downloaded the app to it. When I use my T-Mobile account email and password it does not have the paid subscription.

Anyone have any hints to get this to work on a TV?