LAN and WIFI Bridged or not?

  • 17 May 2022
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I installed the TMobile 5G home internet and it works pretty good. I’m in rural PA and only get poor reception for TMobile. 

Does anyone know if the LAN interface is bridged to the WIFI interface? 

It seems that my Wifi devices cannot see the devices on the LAN interface.

There are literally no settings in the device that I can control. As soon as I got this thing I wanted to put it on a designated subnet but that seems impossible. Seems that 192.168.12.x is hardcoded. 

I got around the subnet issue but now I need to bridge the lan and wifi interfaces. It seems almost as if the wifi interfaces are firewalled against the the lan interfaces.




1 reply

Yes, they are bridged. I can see my router, which is wired to the TM modem LAN port, from a TM connected wireless devices. Being on the same subnet, the wireless and LAN ports would be bridged. It’s still possible to isolate bridged ports to prevent them from talking to each other. But for my TM device, that does not appear to be the case.

I’’m still concerned about what, if any, firewall functions are turned on in TM’s Home Internet device. As such, I won’t be connecting directly to its wireless network until that information is published. Until then, it would be nice to just turn it off.