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I just got my Nokia 5G gateway on Wednesday May 5, it was already on the latest 0178 firmware

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I read an article today, 05/07/21, that says that we will all get the .0178 update within a month.


I am still on .0143? Why is mine not updating?

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Received my High Speed Gateway 10 days ago.    Firmware is .0178

I’ve only had the gateway for a week but yes it’s on 0178. I didn’t pay attention to the firmware when I received it so it’s possible the firmware was at that version out of the box. I contacted NordVPN and they said no support for IPv6. My understanding is the gateway binds ipv4/6 but that’s another issue. Hopefully the Tmobile folks can confirm the latest firmware but unless im not reading it right 0178 is what the app shows. I have restarted the gateway several times but beyond that nothing special. 

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That sounds like a vpn issue to me. I use Express vpn at times and you do see some of a dip but that's normal with a VPN. But what you're describing doesn't sound normal at all so I would suggest possibly maybe trying another VPN or checking your settings in Nord.

The one thing I am curious about though is you mentioned that your firmware is on 0178 correct? If that's the case how did your device upgrade? Did it do it itself or did you have to do something? I'm still showing .0168 for my firmware version.

As of today 1.2003.03.0178 for me. Speed is improved by about 20% at the moment but NordVPN knocks it down to nothing. Hopefully that is a NordVPN issue they can fix. Hope this helps

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I wouldn’t hold my breath, to be honest, TM home internet is more a half-assed beta that we all got suckered into paying to test out and find bugs than an actual ISP.

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better yet (tmobile) provide us with a change log!