My arcadyan only has 4g

  • 16 March 2022
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Performance has been bad since day 1 on both arcadyan and nokia. Now I am only on the arcadyan and it only displays 4g on the lcd.


The gateway url also only shows 4g. Shouldnt it show 5g as well ?


{  "signal": {    "4g": {      "bands": [        "b66"      ],      "bars": 4.0,      "cid": 2,      "eNBID": 85504,      "rsrp": -97,      "rsrq": -6,      "rssi": -90,      "sinr": 20    },    "generic": {      "apn": "FBB.HOME",      "hasIPv6": true,      "registration": "registered",      "roaming": false    }  }}




5 replies


no reply :(

Do you have a solution? Mine did exactly the same thing. 


nothing. tech support is horrible and they seem to only read from a scripted manual what to ask and do. Waiting for Verizon to be available in my area since they offer up-to 1GB speeds. I wish T mobile would do better, Overall I like the company but I find this venture in the home internet sector to be dodgy.


Can I ask why you have both the Arcadyan and Nokia?  Do you have them going at the same time?


The Arcadian came as a replacement for the Nokia. I just happened to run both separately for a while before returning the Nokia. Overall the aradyan showed more stability. But still puzzled by the 4g and no 5g.