No Internet

  • 23 April 2022
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I've had T-Mobile home internet for almost 2 weeks, it's been working flawlessly. Now today my son said is the internet out, even though the gateway said we were connected and have a very good signal the internet indeed wasn't working. I rebooted and it seems fine again. I guess my question is what was the reason for it going out and will this become a common occurrence.

2 replies

Typically caused by channel conflict. Dual band routers have 2 wifi networks you can use, a 2.4 GHz (better range, more stable, enough bandwidth for several devices) and a 5GHz (shorter range, but faster speed). The 2.4 uses U.S. channels 1-13, and picks them ‘randomly’, daily.. (unless you alter settings to stick with 1 specific channel. Depending on the number of, and distance from your neighbors, also with internet, there is a growing chance of some days ‘auto' picking the same channel. - simply manually, permanently picking one isn't foolproof either, as theirs can still ‘auto' pick that channel also. If you have good relations with them, collaborating on both/all neighbors with wifi manually selecting a different channel will usually prevent that in the future. If not, power-cycling your router on days of conflict will do it too, if albeit somewhat a hassle. - The 5GHz channel has.. (internal scowl for not knowing the precise number) I'm wanting to say roughly a hundred channels.. (105?) something like that. Anyway, the odds are much less likely to conflict. - Resetting your router weekly/monthly anyway, makes it happy, and loves you more in return. 🙂


Makes sense, it doesn't bother me restarting the router once every 2 weeks, I just don't want it to become more frequent. I already cancelled Starlink because I was so happy with TMobile, I just hope I don't regret it.  Speeds with T-Mobile 400-500mbps down 30mbpsUp. Starlink anywhere from 50-200mbps down 20up.