why TMobile home internet so bad

  • 24 May 2023
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When I first got my gateway it worked ok 6 months now and it sucks so bad I can't play games and half the time my wife can't even watch her shows without it buffing I think TMobile needs to stop making new stuff and fix theyre crappy service when I get another service in dropping this crap

33 replies

I got the Home Internet at the beginning of the year and it was working just fine up until about a month ago. I've had it less than 6 months and regret the decision now. I feel like I have been scammed.

I could understand it being slow for a day, even a week, but over a month and steadily getting worse?

Just today, It took an hour to download just 2GB of a game. I started the download at 1AM and only had that device connected to the internet. At 2AM I looked and only 2GB had been loaded. I wanted to throw the internet device into the street.

Why was it running fine for just a few months and then service just drops dramatically for everyone who gets it? It seems like they are just milking us for a bit of money and then toning down the internet for users that have had the service longer than 4 months. It's a disgrace. 

Edit: 3:30 in the morning, 2.5 hours since I started my download and I am at 2.5GBs downloaded. Absolute garbage service. 

Yup same here.  I switched from xfinity as it’s so expensive.  was fine at first.  now i have to use a LAN cord to play playstation or the lag is unbearable.  sadly i will be switching back to xfinity.  the lady who helped me was very nice but all she said was yeah….somethings wrong they are working on it who knows when it will be fixed.  bye.    No offer or credit or suggestion of how to proceed.  T-Mobile sucks.   


How is T-Mobile not being sued over this? Using my phone internet to write this because my T-Mobile home internet is useless to the point that you cant load pages. I get if they slow speeds due to high traffic but to the point that you cant even load pages?! And this happens every weekend and every single night! I cant wait until we get fiber here so i can send this trash can back to this fraudulent company who makes some Indians answer the phone and tell you these fake fixes that never work and they know it. 

T-Mobile WiFi home internet is trash. Your hotspot from your phone is better. It’s just complete trash don’t waste your money it’s a scam. I canceled mine. There should be laws against companies scamming people like this.

Worst internet ever. Makes me want to go back to Verizon or sparklight for internet. I can't turn my phone wifi on while my home computer is on. The lag is outrageous and the download and upload is garbage. Sales did a great job upsetting but after use it is horrible. Why do I pay for something that 1) doesn't ever work, 2) can't hook up multiple devices from, 3) makes my entire family frustrated with making a horrible decision based off what a sales rep at the store says. Get you together or customers are gonna leave. I'm not going to continue paying for something that doesn't work. 

Let me see if I have this straight: give up my connected cable with fast downloads and switch to what is essentially the same speed as my phone when it isn’t on WiFi?

There is differently a con job going on with T-mobile. Home Internet was great for 6 months then was useless. 

Ive never seen the same comment from one person after another. This is intentional by Tmobile. We are going to switch back to Verizon. 

I hate to say it but I'm in the same situation. They convinced me to leave spectrum and use them and they said it would be cheaper and much better, it's absolutely garbage. Everything we use has to buffer. I can't believe the company would put their reputation on the line by doing this. They are clearly chopping the internet or doing something.


How can one of the phone companies that has the best Nationwide coverage have the world's worst internet. How can I have amazing phone service and connection but have terrible internet? This is not right and a lot of people are going to leave this company if this doesn't stop.

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doubtful...then again not overly sure what a headshed is..the site is primarily peer to peer assistance with a handful of moderators/admins to keep the site in order only..

I wonder if the headshed at t mobile evem reads these community forums.....


I think i'm starting to experience the same issues that everyone else is.  Supposedly if we're not on a contract we can leave. I'll go back to pay more comcast if I need to.  At least their connections were reliable.

I been having the same issues and can’t seem to get any internet that can make my fire stick and/or other internet devices function properly! This is definitely a regretful decision I made leaving old provider and getting this slow and no service home internet!! I am gonna post bad reviews on any websites and Google for sure about this home internet issue! 

I thought it was bad at 7-9 Mbps.  Had been over 400 for a couple months, regularly.  Evern got to 1.3Gbps one time.  Now? A joke.

 Pages load slowly, and the browser complains about OVERFLOW.

The signal numbers are close, and the box has been in the same spot.  But consistently, even at 7AM, the speed is in the dumper.

Who knew that the honeymoon was over so soon?

WIsh I knew a way to reshuffle the deck a bit.

I’m so happy, after waiting an hour at the store, dropped off the gateway after changing over to a crappy spectrum internet package.  While we don’t have great speed 65/15 everything has been up and running for the last few days.  Spectrum is coming out on Wednesday to check the connections but life is good after a year and a half of that terrible Tmobile gateway.

Absolutely useless, the past 3 months I have had no Internet more than I have had Internet. TMO even sent me a new "router". No fixes, it goes offline probably over 40 times a day. But! The router says service is good. 


I'm over wasting money and trying to deal with their technical support.

Now phone service is having problems.  They are so bad in Carlsbad ca.  today 30 plus times internet went down.  No phone service.  Hard when trying to work from home.  Stay away

Tijuana tower, att tower, unknown tower when there is a T-Mobile tower very close.  Terrible option for Carlsbad ca.  goes down 20 times a day not counting buffering and the techs are unable to do anything.  As mentioned above, no good options in Carlsbad.  Did hear a neighbor went to spectrum commercial for $280 per month and seems satisfied.  We live in a third world country.  Thank goodness ting is coming for $89/mo.  Signed up.  Just resigning myself that it will take another 6-12 months.

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Have had home Internet for over a year. On my 3rd hotspot (useless router.) My problem is the constant outages. Every single day it goes down. I work remote and this is unacceptable.  They say ‘cheap is sometimes expensive.’ Couldn’t be more true with T-Mobile home Internet. Am now exploring other companys. I know it’s going to cost more but I’ll gladly pay it to get out of this amateur joke of a service.

Hi, checking in from Carlsbad California.  We switched over about a year ago.  The home internet was never good but passable.  We travel frequently and our security system and cameras require internet, they now go down consistently and have to be manually reset.  Small problem when your not at the house.

Currently, we lose signal 20 times a day and the download speeds are awful.

we are debating whether to wait for the ting fiber or just go back to spectrum this week.

customer service is awful for home internet since they can’t resolve.

bad option for this part of the country.


It seems to me that they do this on purpose to save money! They hook you on the good internet for 6 months and then drag you along with these unhelpful “fixes” until you realize that it will never be the same. We all have the same problem and they all tried the same solutions and it seems to not be working. I was offered a new router and I accepted it. Been using it but nothing seems to work. I play videogames and use an ethernet cable even though its a few feet away and it still seems to have high ping and lags constantly. Debating on switching to the fiber optic but its quite expensive. This is ridiculous!

We’re having the same issues as everyone else. Joined in Jan ‘23 it was great. Not as fast as our Soectrum was, but spectrum was bogged down on evenings and weekends and super expensive. Last month our service went poopoo and I’m getting about 10-12 Mbps download now. Not really good enough for streaming on a single tv. Wife and I bohh t work from home, luckily we don’t need high speeds. We get better speed hotspotting from our phones with smaller antennas, battery powered and  unfixed locations. Frustrated. 

I was chatting with Tmobile (again) several days ago, about one of the other issues I have had with them.  I had given up commenting on their home internet, and then he said “is there anything else...” so I mentioned it with low expectations  ( expected reboot devices, move my gateway, etc…I knew it was not on my end  - having been a network engineer for several years).


He mentioned about sending new hardware and I declined.  He then mentioned something about refreshing their network settings on their end.  I did have to reboot the gateway, but after they did something on their end, they said it would take 24 for 48 hours to take full effect (odd, but OK)

It has been a few days past the 48 hours and it has been good, but too early to say it is reliable.  I have a speed test app on my phone so I have a easy way to track the history of my bandwidth and ping.
 A week ago, when I had trouble streaming at 4:45 pm (before the refresh), I was getting 35.5 Mbps download, which can barely support streaming at 4k quality.  Usually I get 250+Mbps which is way more than needed.

Time will tell if the fix on their end will fix it.

Everyone is saying the same thing   it worked ok for the first 6 months not even good just ok  then boom I’m getting 1 mbps and it’s saying excellent strength  there is no reason for the internet to be this bad I’ve paid for cheaper internet’s that gave us better quality this isn’t ok and your doing nothing to fix the problem I wouldn’t even Recommend this to someone that is trying to save money 

All  the marketing showing how fast t mobile is..........

It can be fast, more than most households need, but home Internet can be so slow it can't handle streaming 1 TV show.

My phone is always fast.  Even though it is smaller,  runs on a battery, and the location varies. But t mobile gives so much priority to cell phones, my home doesn't have the 25 needed to stream a TV show at certain times.

Fortunately my wifi router allows me to tether my phone to it, and set it as the primary WAN connection. 

Never thought I would use my 50 gb of hotspot data 1 foot away from my  gateway with unlimited data.  

Maybe some day t mobile will get good enough at traffic shaping to allow home Internet users to have decent bandwidth, while phones have ludicrous speed, but people have complained for years.

Hopefully my sagecomm router supports carrier aggregation.  My S23 does, but do I need 3 gig to my phone?  I worked in a small data center, hundreds of computers, and they averaged 1 gig at the edge.



In the same boat. Started using TMHI in May of 2021 in northern WI. It was stable and solid for two years and then two months ago it became very inconsistent. My cell metrics hasn’t changed since first installed but since the last two months my speeds have been all over the place. If feels like a bandwidth or maybe a throttling issue. They did send me another gateway but still having the same issue. 

Yeah, It is so frustrating because it work so well at first! I am not sure what the issue the last few months has been, but if they don’t fix it and fix it quickly, I’ll have no choice but to switch.