why TMobile home internet so bad

  • 24 May 2023
  • 31 replies

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When I first got my gateway it worked ok 6 months now and it sucks so bad I can't play games and half the time my wife can't even watch her shows without it buffing I think TMobile needs to stop making new stuff and fix theyre crappy service when I get another service in dropping this crap

31 replies

I hate to say it but I'm in the same situation. They convinced me to leave spectrum and use them and they said it would be cheaper and much better, it's absolutely garbage. Everything we use has to buffer. I can't believe the company would put their reputation on the line by doing this. They are clearly chopping the internet or doing something.


How can one of the phone companies that has the best Nationwide coverage have the world's worst internet. How can I have amazing phone service and connection but have terrible internet? This is not right and a lot of people are going to leave this company if this doesn't stop.

There is differently a con job going on with T-mobile. Home Internet was great for 6 months then was useless. 

Ive never seen the same comment from one person after another. This is intentional by Tmobile. We are going to switch back to Verizon. 

Let me see if I have this straight: give up my connected cable with fast downloads and switch to what is essentially the same speed as my phone when it isn’t on WiFi?

Worst internet ever. Makes me want to go back to Verizon or sparklight for internet. I can't turn my phone wifi on while my home computer is on. The lag is outrageous and the download and upload is garbage. Sales did a great job upsetting but after use it is horrible. Why do I pay for something that 1) doesn't ever work, 2) can't hook up multiple devices from, 3) makes my entire family frustrated with making a horrible decision based off what a sales rep at the store says. Get you together or customers are gonna leave. I'm not going to continue paying for something that doesn't work. 

T-Mobile WiFi home internet is trash. Your hotspot from your phone is better. It’s just complete trash don’t waste your money it’s a scam. I canceled mine. There should be laws against companies scamming people like this.

How is T-Mobile not being sued over this? Using my phone internet to write this because my T-Mobile home internet is useless to the point that you cant load pages. I get if they slow speeds due to high traffic but to the point that you cant even load pages?! And this happens every weekend and every single night! I cant wait until we get fiber here so i can send this trash can back to this fraudulent company who makes some Indians answer the phone and tell you these fake fixes that never work and they know it.