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Does tmobile read these forums?


It is absolutely imperative that they un-lobotomize the firmware to provide the ability to 1. disable wifi, 2. change the admin password.  this is pathetic.

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I could not agree with you more but there are people out there that do provide ways to make the best of an imperfect solution. Do go to YouTube and check out Nater Tater’s videos. You can shut off the SSIDs for the radios and set your own admin password. Using the web interface with a hard wired connection to the gateway is my preferred way to manage the router. The Arcadyan is not where it should be but with the phone application and Nater Tater’s information you can make your way through it. I find the phone app to be a bit frustrating and buggy but in a pinch when it works well it does provide some visibility and control. The videos Nater Tater has provided are very helpful and necessary. 

Does T-Mobile read these forums? I really hope they do and are actively working to improve the software solution so subscribers get what is needed. I cannot disagree that the Arcadyan software and feature set is lacking. It really is in comparison to the Nokia gateway software. Both could be a bit more feature laden. I have the Nokia and it is working pretty good for me. Some just complain about it but I am very happy to have it. It beats anything else that is available in my location by miles. 


Thanks, that’s the best I was hoping for. Watching the video now. Wish someone would type out the instructions so it’s show up in a google search instead of having to, you know, watch a video or be told about it.

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Does tmobile read these forums?

Personally I hope they are but I haven't seen any of the tmo_ employees post in the last couple of months. I think Tmobile is shifting their employee support to Facebook or Twitter.

Tforce use to frequent this board 5-6 years ago and help people but have since shifted to the other social media support leaving this a user to user forum like it was when I first started using this forum.

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 Yes, I know the video can be a bit long at times but it is good information and you can get the commands from below the video. I watched it a couple of times as there were a few things I had missed. I also prefer just to have the instructions in bulleted format. Nater Tater’s videos are very helpful but do take a little time to digest in places.

#!/usr/bin/env bash
set -x


# this creates json object for obtaining token
auth_payload=$(echo '{"username": "admin", "password": ""}' | jq -c ".password = \"${admin_pass}\"")
# this obtains a token from the router
token=$(curl -s -d "${auth_payload}" | jq -r ".auth.token")
# this gets the old config
old_ap_config=$(curl -s -H "Authorization: Bearer ${token}" "")
# this modifies the old config in memory (no temp file in c:\ required)
new_ap_config=$(echo ${old_ap_config}|jq -c ".[\"2.4ghz\"].isRadioEnabled |= false | .[\"5.0ghz\"].isRadioEnabled |= false")
# this publishes the new config to the router
curl -s -H "Authorization: Bearer ${token}" -d "${new_ap_config}" ""


^ disable both wifi networks. requires curl, jq.  don’t run this if it doesn’t make sense.

Apparently firmware code is suffering from supply chain too.