Any realistic way to get customer service's attention?

  • 1 February 2022
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I keep getting a charge for a defective unit that I supposedly did not return, though my on line account page clearly shows that I did return it. I’ve called about this at least 6 times, been promised each time that it’s being “escalated” and that someone will get back to me. No one ever has.

Is there some way to get the attention of a competent person to resolve customer service issues? I’m ready to jump ship, that’s for sure.

5 replies

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Whenever there’s money involved, I suggest the Fair Credit Billing Act.

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Sorry this is taking longer than it should. You could always message our T-Force team on Twitter using the @TMobileHelp handle. 


I think you aren’t understanding what I’m saying the problem is. 

I have contacted T-Mobile half a dozen times or more, by telephone. I’ve actually spoken with 15 or so “experts”, (since I usually get bounced around during the call.) The problem is not that I can’t make contact with T-Mobile, it’s that no one is competent enough, or well trained enough, to actually deal with the problems I’ve raised. Offering me a different way to contact whatever a “T-Force” person is on Twitter (which I don’t use) doesn’t solve the problem.

I’ve got a bill now for $600+, after 2 months of trying to get someone’s attention.

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breaking it down a bit



calling in=tier 1 support..even their “experts”


contacting them through Facebook/Twitter=tier 2 support..higher level of experts starting off..


as is youre trying to get someones attention on a forum that is primarily peer to peer with a handful of moderators/admins that are only here to keep the site in order..they can not do anything with accounts including billing issues..

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Stop making phone calls and start writing letters.