Assurant return damaged device package Empty!!

  • 26 January 2022
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I have been a customer of Tmobile for the last 16 years and have filed 3 claims 2 damaged phones and 1 stolen. I have paid $4,608.00 in total for insurance on my devices. $42,240.00 for phone service. 
I am beyond upset and no is not even the amount I am erroneously being charged by assurant through T-mobile. But is the scam that assurant is able to get away with! 
This is my story, I accidentally damaged my phone in September and filed a claim with assurant for this phone to be replaced, my claim was approved next day and I received my replacement. I sent the damaged phone back to assurant on September 14th and received a notification it was received September 17th in their York PA warehouse. I received a letter in November stating phone was not received, so I called assurant and their Rep stated that they had actually received the phone but the package had not been scanned in. Then I get a charge on my T-Mobile account in December stating assurant never received their damaged device. I call assurant and again I am told the device was received but the packaged had not been scanned. I wait a week and call again and now another rep is telling me the package I sent was empty and it was received empty, so I ask why would I claim a damaged phone and then keep it. Why would I send an empty package and taken the time to tape it and mail it and track it just so I could be told package was received but it is empty so you have to pay full price for a refurbished phone replacement. This is definitely a scam and there is no way that our packages arrive empty. It makes no sense my phone was literally in pieces due to car accident who would steal a damaged phone that had no use. Please T-Mobile investigate assurant and please find another insurance provider for your customers.

3 replies

Almost the exact same thing happened to me. I sent my damaged phone back in September, never received a text and got a letter in October. Assurant told me they checked with the warehouse and they had received the phone but it had not been scanned in yet and they would do so. That first rep said they verified that IMIE number.

In January I had the $500 charge hit my bill. I called Assurant again and they told me they would do an investigation. I called back again today 2/4/2022 and they told me that the envelope had been received open and the device was missing.

Even though the first rep had noted in my account that the device was received they were not budging on the $500 fee.

They told me that they weighed the envelope but would not tell me what the wait was and that I would not receive that information. He told me the notes on my account aren't mine and that I was going to pay that money. I spoke to a regular rep who said they did not verify IMIE numbers, but the manager said that they normally do verify them and they didn't so that meant my device wasn't there even though the original rep in October told me he had verified the IMEI number.

Luckily T-Mobile took care of it with a single call and took the fee off of my account but I really do hope they find another insurance agency to partner with. I will be filing a complaint with the Washington State insurance commissioner. Assurant has serious operational issues possibly bordering on criminal judging by the sheer number of complaints I'm seeing with people who have the exact same thing happen. I wouldn't be surprised if workers at this company were trying to make an extra few bucks off damaged phones.


Hi! I am going through thr same thing, I have been a T-Mobile customer for years and have been on the "jump" program. With that said, upgrade my device or replace my device if it's broken. I ordered a replacement for a cracked screen on my note 10 in October I got the device later that month. I sent the device back within the time frame asked. Because I'm a flight attendant, I couldn't go to tnovle or the postal office in person, so I sent it from the hotel in Washington. It's a locked box so no one other than the postal office could have access to it. I kept calling t-mobile and assurant in regards to the missing phone. They said no tracking information has been processed, and that they were investigating the wearabouts of the phone. In this case it could be an issue with the postal office because it shows it arrived the distribution center in April 25yh and assurant got it the 27th. However, they said the package was empty. I am in the process of investigating because where has this package been all these months ? How didn't get the the distribution center, meaning where did it get picked up from and when, furthermore when they say the package is empty is it open and being delivered like that? (Doubt it)

I would like to know how they are documenting thr pakackage, is it taped? Is it tampered because that's illegal. Something in these empty packages claims feel faulty. 


Not only that, there have been one or 2 instances where I got a call from t-mobile stating that they have received the phone. To give it a few days to process and this was prior to the April 27th claim whwn they supposedly received it. And worse, this company doesn't offer any dispute process or anything because they they claimed they couldn't do anything that the charges were valid because they received the package past the 90 days, i said "well then I would like my old phone back, if I have to pay for it" them they responded yeah the other problem is that the package was empty. So we can't send anything back either. Sorry nothing we can do. They are trying to charge me 700 dollars!


And my service keeps getting disconnected because these charges keep being part of my bill. So it shows that I have a balance due. And approximately every 1p to 15 days my service gets cut off. (And I have to call about every 15 days since January) to make matters worse they cut off the service at the lost inconvenient time. One weekend I got suck in the street because I couldn't order an uber home. And I couldn't call anyone because there was no customer service at 2am. It was scary horrible and extremely frustrating sometimes its a Friday night, a Saturday night or a Sunday night. Amd nothing can be done till I speak to someone cause the system automatically does it, and I have to speak to someone then to give me another 10 to 15 days. This has been a nightmare and I will keep fighting cause something is really fishy and someone is lying. And I sad that the customers who have been loyal for 10+ years, have never had an issue returning a device or paying the bill etc to be treated like we don't matter. Nothing being able to be done to help or prove possible resolutions. Nothing. And I love t-mobile bit I'm seriously questioning if I even want to continue because this has been horrible, and it's mainly with the insurance company that I have an issue with. If anyone else has an issue PLEASE REPORT IT TO THE BBB!!! Overtime your voices can be heard as a whole. And if there is a pattern there is definitely something illegal going on. But to not pay for something if you have enough proof/evidence that you did your part. It's time they do theirs and do the right thing. Stealing/scamming/Lying cannot be tolerated! 

same exact thing is happening to me. i broke a phone had assurant send me a new one. the one they sent me was damaged when i got it , it had a burnt screen so tmobile sent me a new one. i setn back both phones and months later they hit me with a 2600$ bill for two note 20 5g ultra. ive been told they found one then a month later i was told by a manager that NOT ONLY 1 BUT 2 PHOONES GOT SENT BACK TO THEM BITH EMPTY PACKAGES!!!!!  mind you one i dropped off at fedex and one was dropped off at ups. i did not package either phone i showed up to each store (fedex and ups) i showed them the email they scanned the QR code i handed them the phone and i paid the fee and left… i checked the tracking and both ttacking numbers had weight of 1.5 lbs and both were signed for now i am in a dispute with tmobile…. they have magically found one of the phones but they are trying to stick me for the other one. i habe contacted consumer affairs and was sent to telecommunication and cable department. we’ll see what happens but ive found countless stories online of the same nature. could you please let me know what you did and who you contacted to get a resolution? thank you